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Retail, commercial and industrial environments all depend on high-quality reliable lighting to provide the appropriate working environment; to comply with health and safety requirements and where applicable to enhance the customer experience and effectively display products. However, long operational hours means high energy bills; a large carbon footprint and questions about CRC. APL introduces our Bright® range of solutions that integrates power and lighting solutions with advanced monitoring, control and automated reporting for the optimum Cash & Carbon Savings®.



Traditional lighting contributes 25% – 40% of a building’s energy use and carbon footprint with electricity costs and energy taxes only going way! APL’s class leading LED lights dramatically reduce costs whether it’s a simple retrofit lighting project of an existing facility or a new build. Our iBright® management system combines daylight sensors, dimmers and power monitoring with wireless capability to provide real time and remote data management and reporting capability. This also includes the all-important and often overlooked emergency back-up systems, so owners and directors have the peace of mind there building and the users are protected.



Renewable energy uses nature to provide green electricity. Solar PV, wind and waste to energy bolted onto existing facilities or designed into new builds can help companies meet environmental targets; satisfy planning regulations and of course provide Cash & Carbon Savings®.


Daylight Management

APL partners with providers of engineered films for enhanced daylight management of windows and atriums to reduce heat gain, minimise glare and the unique design enhances the scatter of natural daylight into the building.

We also offer sun tubes bringing free to use natural daylight to where it is wanted whilst enhancing the look and feel of the surroundings. Below are a selection of brochures to browse through.

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